SmartCity communication and analysis

Actionable insights for operational efficiency and citizen engagement.

Use location and behavioural data to communicate and analyse.

View of a smart city.

fluxLoop helps municipalities to be more relevant in the way they communicate, enable local engagement and provide the tools to understand the citizens better. We pride ourselves in delivering understandable insights for all levels in a municipality organization, from planning, transportation, culture and communication.

Challenges for municipalities & cities

The challenge lies in living up to what has become the new normal in societies across the world; delivering fast, convenient and innovative services to an increasingly technologically smart population.

The municipalities has to be able to provide:

• Relevant information
• Citizen engagement
• Tools to understand citizens and differentiated demands
• Citizen confidence
• Measure the sustainability of the municipality

SmartCity by fluxLoop

SmartCity Analytics makes it possible for the municipality to better understand their citizens, by gaining the insights necessary to provide more advanced and efficient services. The SmartCity Analytics technology is easily added to an existing application or citizen app, and gathers precise location of the app user. The user has to give active consent to share location data, Bluetooth data and user data with the application before we start collecting it.

Key benefits

Screenshot from the Sandefjord Innbygger citizen app.
For the municipality:

• Contextual dialogue in app, including engagement, information and disease control.
• Better understand citizen flow both within and outside city center.
• Ability to measure the effect and impact of decisions, compare before and after implementation.
• Gather unique insights from citizens surveys in app.
• Emergency communication based on geographical areas or citizens location.

For the citizens:

• Receive relevant and personalised push messages
• Participate and give relevant feedback.
• More efficient and increased quality municipality services.
• Get relevant push messages about locations with lower risk of contracting illness.
• Receive location based information and warnings about disease control.
• Full insight to personal data being processed and the possibility to download, delete and view all the gathered data.

Examples from the Sandefjord Innbygger citizen app showing messages aimed to inform and aid citizens.

SmartCity Sustainability

SmartCity Analytics will contribute to make infrastructure and services more efficient and environment-friendly. The technology provides actionable insights and the tools to measure the effect of green initiatives and projects.

This will:

• Contribute to a sustainable city development.
• Enhance the quality of life of inhabitants.
• Reduce the ecological footprint of the city.
• Be a part of the solution, to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The UN sustainable goals one through seventeen.
Read more about UN's global sustainability goals here.

Pinch Privacy Dashboard

Screenshots from the fluxLoop developed privacy dashboard.

The app user is always in control and may withdraw consent, and delete gathered data, at any time. With the Pinch privacy dashboard integrated in the application, the ap user will have full overview of what data is collected, how it is stored and when it will be automatically deleted from the application.
Personal data is anonymised and will not be shared with government or other parties.

Within the app, the user can:

• Withdraw any and all consents.
• Explore and view collected and stored data.
• Delete all gathered personal data.
• Download all gathered personal data.

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