Are you ready for the future of retail?

To make the best decisions for your business and your customers you have to understand their movements
and their needs. What attracts them, where do they spend their time, where do they go next?
Our analytics tool will provide you with actionable insights to help you reach your goals.

Plug and play, monthly package
Total control, indoor package

See how our mall analytics reports work:

Screenshot from demo retail analytics dashboard

Complete overview of dashboard analytics

fluxLoop Retail Analytics for shopping malls combines all your data sources with unique and precise indoor location data.
Set your own thresholds and track your most important KPIs.

Screenshot from demo retail analytics dashboard

Precise indoor customer behaviour

Location data tracking tenant visit shares, time spent, and frequency for your customers.

Screenshot from demo retail analytics dashboard

Easy to compare

Set your own periods and
compare all your KPIs to
understand effect of actions taken.

What are some Benefits of retail MALL analytics?

• You get to know your customer.
• You can build the segments you need.
• Understand perfect timing for your communications.
• Get customer feedback connected to a direct store visit.
• Send them tailored offers based on their interests.

• Quick and easy analytics for push and pull - use with CMS.
• Extensive insights on inside and outside customer behaviour KPIs.
• Full user transparency, always under current GDPR legislations.


Give more people better reasons to come more often and do more.

Make better decisions based on actionable customer data.

Location data:

Track your segments origin and destination related to mall visits and keep track of your markets shares.

Proximity tools:

Engage your customers with increased relevance and timing.

KPI tracking:

Track your most important KPIs over time and learn the ROI on any action and campaign.


fL Mall Audience

Insights about and from the people who visit your mall:
• Who are they; gender and age?
• Where do they live?
• When do they use your mall?

Ask them about their experience and what they want or need.

Monthly reports with the guarantee of 100 survey answers.

Download more information on fluxLoop Mall Audience

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