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The end user has the control

fluxLoop work continuously to be as transparent as possible when it comes to data collection and the processing of this data. It’s important for us that our customers and the end user have control.

The end user must always give their informed and active acceptance to share information with our technology, and will always have the opportunity to stop this sharing as well as deleting all of the data gathered from their user profile.

As the Application Owner you get access to texts that have to be integrated into the applications Terms and Conditions. fluxLoop has, with cooperation with lawyers specialised with privacy policies, prepared a set of texts that should be used both in the direct communication with the end user of the application, as well as within the terms and conditions.
This is to ensure that the interests of the Application Owner and the end user are safeguarded according to the requirements of privacy and direct marketing legislation.

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Three Key Roles

End User, Application Owner & Location User

In our experience there are three roles that are essential to consider in order to utilise our technology.

End User

The User of the application is the owner of their own personal information and is always in charge of the collected data. When the User downloads and installs an application with Pinch integrated, they are asked if they wish to share their information with the Application Owner and Pinch. It is here the User will be presented with the terms and conditions which describes how the data is processed and examples on what this data is used for. The User chooses whether to give active informed consent to share information, this acts as an opt-in.

Should the User later wish to stop sharing information, they can do so without uninstalling the application or turning off Bluetooth on their smartphone. This is possible by accessing the settings in the application and turn off data sharing with Pinch. Should the User also wish to delete data that has already been shared, they can do so in the application settings.

Application Owner

The Application Owner has the responsibility to provide a service to the User as well as process shared data. They are responsible for the data collected and Pinch has access to process the data that the user has chosen to share.

The Application Owner can communicate directly to the User via the technology when, for example, the User is in close proximity to a beacon connected to the technology network. It is the Application Owner who is in charge of the customer relationship with the user.

Location User

A Location User is a role that does not have an application but have placed beacons that are part of PinchInfrastructure. The Location User has no immediate access to the data collected from the Application Owner, but can often accesses the anonymized aggregated data provided through Pinch.

Pinch is valuable for both Location User and Application Owners, even though the need and usefulness can differ. There are also many actors that possess both the role of the Application Owner as well as the role of the Location User.  

How you control your data

within the app

To us it's very important that you are in control of your own data and what you share with our technology.
In addition to providing active informed consent to share your information, you always have the opportunity to stop the data sharing and delete the existing collected data collected by Pinch™.

You Decide

The first time you open a mobile application that has Pinch integrated, you are asked if you want to share your location and if you would like the application to send you push messages. It is very important for us at fluxLoop that you have full access to read the terms and conditions for the application, which should be shown on the same page.

If you want to use Pinch in your mobile application, it’s important that you review the terms of use of the application. The terms are quality assured by lawyers, and are primarily created to ensure you have an immediate overview of who has the accessibility to process your data. In addition, it is important for us that you are able to easily understand what the data collected can be used for.

Change Your Mind

As a standard in Pinch, we have made it simple for you to easily access your mobile applications settings and turn data sharing on and off. As illustrated to the left, you can choose “Custom Content” and prevent data collection, collection of location data and consequently no content will be sent to Pinch.

In this way, we make it easy for you to make a choice to share your data along with what type of data you share and still have the opportunity to change your mind at any time. This will allow you to still use the mobile application without having to turn off Bluetooth or uninstall the application.

Delete Your Data

If you wish to delete all registered data associated with your user profile you have the opportunity to do so within the “Custom Content” page in the application. At the bottom of the page you have the choice to delete all data by selecting “Delete all data about my user profile”. This way you have complete control over what data you share and the power to delete all the data from your user profile. Promptly disallowing the application and Pinch to collect data from your device, without uninstalling the application.

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