Pinch SmartShip Analytics

Helps cruise ships get a better understanding of the guests' on-board movements & health status, by adding technology to your existing customer app.

Pinch SmartShip Analytics

Helps cruise ships get a better understanding of the guests' on-board movements & health status, by adding technology to your existing customer app.

fluxLoop help Cruise Ships gain control and insights over guests´ behaviour through the Cruise Ship app. By avoiding high guest density on-board, discover disease earlier and providing live and historic guest behaviour reports to share with health authorities.

New challenges for cruises  

Statistics show that 77 % are not willing to travel with cruise ships without a vaccine [1].This provides some challenges for the cruise ship industry. The industry has to be able to provide

  1. consumer confidence
  2. safety
  3. social distancing by managing people flows and density
  4. contact tracing

SmartShip by fluxLoop

fluxLoop SmartShip technology enables your application to track guests’ behaviour on board your cruise ship. The technology is easily added to your existing cruise app and gathers precise location of the guests on board you ship by using Bluetooth (BLE) and BLE-sensors. To receive this data, and user data, the guest have to give their consent to share location data, Bluetooth data and user data with the application.

Key benefits of SmartShip

For the cruise ship:
  • Acquire knowledge of your guests where-abouts while on board.
  • Influence where they move to avoid large groups of people in one place.
  • Receive updates directly from guests concerning illnesses on board.
  • Access to historical behaviour to be shared with health authorities.  
For health authorities:
  • Quantitative data on guests’ health and historical movement.
  • Qualitative survey data on behaviour, health and travel experience.
  • Actual and accurate number of guests being ill.
For the guests:
  • Give feedback and rating throughout the cruise experience.
  • Share your on-board location with family and friends.
  • Get an overview of popular/busy areas, both live and historically.
  • Receive information about health status on-board.
  • Get relevant push messages about locations with lower risk of contracting illness.
  • Full insight to personal data being processed and the possibility to download, delete and view all the gathered data.
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Pinch SmartShip features are illustrated as part of the Royal Caribbean International app, the app currently does not use Pinch SmartShip.

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Try Demo

SmartShip functionality

  • Share information about current location capacity.
  • Share information about historical location capacity.
  • Suggest other relevant location to visit with fewer people.
Map functionality
  • Live heat maps showing guest density.
  • Showing your current location on the ship.
  • Showing the location of family and friends.
Capacity and Map function
Push notification
  • Distribute relevant information to guests based on their location.
  • Communicate with guest at a relevant time and place.
Health report
  • Guests share current state of health directly within the application.
  • Medical staff revive information about health status on-board and can act accordingly.
  • Gives a possibility for a speedier respons and a clearer, more accurate overview.
Push notification and health report
Pinch Privacy Dashboard
Pinch privacy dashboard

The app user is always in control and may withdraw consent, and delete gathered data, at any time. With the Pinch privacy dashboard integrated in the application, the ap user will have full overview of what data is collected, how it is stored and when it will be automatically deleted from the application.

Personal data is anonymised and will not be shared with government or other parties.

Within the app, the user can

  • Withdraw any and all consents.
  • Explore and view collected and stored data.
  • Delete all gathered personal data.
  • Download all gathered personal data.
Pinch Privacy Dashboard
Pinch Privacy Dashboard

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Pinch SmartShip Analytics

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