Opinion and fluxLoop partner up to continue innovating market research

Opinion and fluxLoop have successfully created customer value by utilising Opinion's know-how and expertise within market research together with fluxLoop’s unique privacy friendly technology.

The partners have several joint deliveries to clients in different industries and the next natural step was to formalise a partnership. This will further strengthen the cooperation, and allow for continued innovation in how insights are gathered through the use of technology.

Strength in combination

Companies such as SKYSS, Kolumbus and Statens Vegvesen have already gained valuable new insight from the cooperation. Integrating fluxLoop's technology provides automation and the timely utility of surveys directly in customer facing mobile apps. A push notification is sent directly to the end customer’s mobile, and simplifies answering surveys based on the customer's physical position.

- Our cooperation with fluxLoop makes us able to provide new services within an industry that is maturing and becoming even more data driven. The technology is based on the respondents' premises, with automatic registration of what we otherwise would have to ask about in person, thereby the collection of data is without the potential sources of errors that traditional surveys may encounter. Understanding your customers better will provide actionable grounds for reaching both business and sustainability goals, explains John Lauring Pedersen, CEO at Opinion.

Opinion is leading in ‘next generation’ marketing analysis in the Nordics, while fluxLoop delivers unique technology to the e.g mobility, retail, and smart city sectors. The companies are able to deliver combined and powerful insights by linking market analysis with actual movement and behavioural data.

- A collaboration with Opinion is a natural and great match for us. The cooperation enables possibilities for our existing clients, as well as new use of our technology. The combination of excellent market research know-how and quality data with timely answers from automated surveys provides in-depth insights in an easy and accessible way, concludes Ulrik Prøitz, CEO at fluxLoop.

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