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Norstat Group and fluxLoop enter into international cooperation to offer automated solutions combining high quality data collection and geolocation

By using fluxLoop technology and a privacy coherent method for collecting travel and movement data from Norstat's panel members, the two companies will offer high quality survey data enriched with geolocation data.

Opinion and fluxLoop partner up to continue innovating market research

Opinion and fluxLoop have successfully created customer value by utilising Opinion's know-how and expertise within market research together with fluxLoop’s unique privacy friendly technology.
Norwegian tech company enters into a cooperation with one of Sweden's largest insights agencies

The Norwegian tech company fluxLoop has entered into a cooperation with Origo Group in Sweden. This opens up new markets, while also expanding the existing offerings to existing and new customers.
Tønsberg - a smart city

Tønsberg municipality uses this technology to provide their citizens with relevant, personalized and direct information - at the right time and place.The solution provides the foundation for sending relevant push messages based on location to everyone who has downloaded the app and given consents to notifications.
‘Customer first’ mindset fuels app optimisation and performance

To understand and optimise all aspects of our products and services we constantly look at, and aim to both meet and surpass, customer expectations. Their focus is on their customers, which means we have to make the end user experience our priority as well.
Change in shopping behaviour due to Covid-19

2020, and the start of 2021 have been rough. Let’s just be honest about that. But we believe things can and will be better. We just need to look at, analyse and adapt to our customers behavioural changes.
fluxLoop invests in Urban Analytix - increased demand for privacy first location data insights

Norwegian Data Specialist fluxLoop AS has made a strategic investment into UK based Urban Analytix Holdings Ltd (Urban Analytix). As part of this investment both companies have entered into a strategic cooperation agreement to combine their unique capabilities to become a global provider of privacy compliant location data insights.
Kolumbus with unique passenger insight despite Covid-19 restrictions

Kolumbus is the only Norwegian public transport company to have beacons installed on all their vehicles. With more than 20,000 unique users sharing feedback on more than 20 million travels each year, Kolumbus has a finger on the pulse despite infection control considerations.
A reckoning with his own industry: - Became too eager to make quick money.

In an industry that collects enormous amounts of mobility data, FluxLoop CEO Ulrik Prøitz believe it's especially important to be transparent and accountable.
fluxLoop Anonymity Review

During the summer of 2020, fluxLoop challenged Orange Cyberdefense to perform an attack on anonymised datasets from our Pinch technology. The goal was to see if they were able to identify an individual by combining the anonymised dataset from Pinch with other available datasets and sources.
The Periodic Ticket can soon become history

A brand-new research project aims to create a simpler and more fair ticketing system for you and me. fluxLoop has teamed up with Kristiania University College, Ruter (the public transportation company serving the greater Oslo region) and Nordland County Municipality. With their ongoing research project, they are working on how to eliminate ticket frustration in public transport. The project has received support from the Research Council of Norway.
fluxLoop launch technology to help cruise ships maintain social distancing

With the new SmartShip technology integrated into pre-existing customer service apps, guest will be able to avoid large crowds on board cruise ships and maintain safe social distance. Making sure cruise liners can board and sail with renewed confidence
Letter to Norwegian Consumer Council

The Norwegian Consumer Council has included fluxLoop into a publicised article story and letter focusing on selling and making commercial use of personal data through the app Perfect365. This is not correct and the Norwegian Consumer Council has apologised them mentioning fluxLoop in this context as this is wrong and not in correspondence with how fluxLoop works or our business model. The below letter is our response to the letter we received from NCC.