Meet our Team

We're a group of playful and reliable team players that always aim for precision.

Ulrik Prøitz

The brains behind the company and the master of surprise. Ulrik keeps us on our toes. He pushes us to raise the bar, and does it all with knowledge and heart.

Starting out as a business developer he set his sights towards a more technological future. Together with his friends he created the company as we know it today.

David Wahl


With the urge to set his hands to work, David got really familiar with the keys both a PC and the piano.

After achieving a data engineering degree, David was one of the original four guys of fluxLoop.

Even though he's a very busy man, he'll always help out with a smile. With David on a project the quality is secured.

Jarle Folkvord

As the head of backend coding, Jarle has control over everything that goes on behind the computer screen. No task is too big. Requests are often answers with a “Sure, that’s possible”.

He is the go to man at both work and social gatherings. He'll solve a problem just as well as he'll share entertaining stories that will surely make you laugh.

Karoline Hauge


The powerhouse of fluxLoop. As our head of CSM and with skills beyond most of us, Karoline is always engaged in progress.

Karoline has yet to meet an obstacle she can't overcome, as she takles everything head on - with a cool head and warm heart.

Espen Jørgensen

The office go-getter. If you have heard of fluxLoop you have probably heard of Espen.

He's filled with knowledge and ideas, is super outgoing and always ready for new challenges.
Espen is passionate about the exciting future of mobility.

Thomas Ingebrigtsen

A story teller that will cook up a storm on social gatherings, and create great experiences for our customers. Thomas is a happy guy with a big heart.

With his arms and mind open, he has revolutionised the way retail and data play together.

Anette Baarsrud

+47 996 22 882

Full of initiative, drive and ready to tackle any obstacle.

When Anette's not working, you can find her with her family and/or in the wilderness with her dogs.

Janniche Adolfsen

Creative, happy and curious about work and life.

Janniche is passionate about great relationships and communication in all its forms.

Itzik Barnoy


Our Israeli super hero works hard on any project.

His knowledge on data science brings with it exciting chats and talks on business and investments. But Itzik is also full of great stories.

Anders Skretting

Android savant. Anders is particular and makes sure he always delivers quality.

With a curious mind he's a great conversationalist, and is up for fun times with the crew.

Philippe Büdinger

German precision and big laughs. Phil can fill a room.

He's always up for fun social gatherings, but will make sure work is done and up to his high standards first.